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Check out these resources and information about the breed, where savannahs are legal, and pricing.


If the price you see listed on another savannah cat website seems too good to be true, it is probably a scam. We have had scammers steal our pictures and post to social media in order to get people's deposits - they don't have any kittens...And recently we have seen scammers trying to sell mixed breed kittens who's tails have been trimmed to look closer to the African serval length, in hopes of selling for savannah prices... 

Savannahs are not legal in every state in the US. We suggest checking with your local city and county ordinances in addition to this site which has lots of information:

We will not place a savannah kitten in an illegal state or city.

How much Savannahs cost can be based on their generation, quality of their traits, and background on the pedigree. Our pricing listed on the kitten tab is based on the quality of the kittens' traits as based on the breed standard Finding an amazing home for our kittens, however, is always the top priority over making extra money.  

The snow savannah coloring is unique and only seen in a few savannah catteries here in the USA. We have only TICA pedigreed savannahs with no other breeds mixed in. The snow color genetics have been passed down many generations ago by either oriental shorthairs or bengals so far back that they usually aren't shown on the 5 generation pedigrees. Our F1 Kendi's mom was an F6 snow, and our F6 stud Korben is a snow, so the F2 kittens from them are often snows. 

Check out the story behind the breed and our history:

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